Cathedral Operations


  • Jennifer Bystrom
  • Marilyn Carpenter
  • Kathy Crang, Regional Council Representative
  • David Crest, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Godard
  • Andrew Griffin, Dean’s Warden
  • Miriam King
  • Sean Lawrence, Synod Delegate
  • John Miller, People’s Warden
  • Iona Reitsma
  • Jo-Anne Ritchie
  • Susan Sanger
  • Kevin Saya-Moore
  • Howard Soon, Synod Delegate
  • David Tiessen, Incumbent
  • Carolyn Wray, Synod Delegate


Kathy Crang


  • Sean Lawrence
  • Howard Soon
  • Carolyn Wray



The Cathedral Health and Safety Committee was established at the direction of Council in April 2021 and tasked with overseeing the safety and security needs of the Cathedral.  The committee is accountable to Council and submits regular reports.  Part of the direction of the committee is to develop a written health and safety plan to be approved by Council and followed by the Cathedral and its ministries.

The committee is composed of the Dean, several members of Council and other members of the congregation.  The committee meets regularly and is responsible for:

  • Developing, documenting and reviewing safety protocols, policies and procedures
  • Safety training and education of staff and volunteers
  • Documenting and monitoring background criminal record checks as required for staff and volunteers
  • Review and oversight of the Paladin security contract
  • Regular liaison with the properties committee
  • Timely incident investigation and reporting

Contact: Michael Kalmuk


The Property Committee is responsible for the stewardship of the buildings and grounds of the Cathedral.  They implement processes which ensure that any work carried out is of professional quality and oftentimes prep work for projects is carried out by committee members.

In addition to Committee work, members lead stand-alone projects, such as the installation of the new audio-visual system and the various phases of the Cathedral Renovation. The backgrounds of the members include IT repair and installation, industrial concrete work, construction cost analysis, landscape design and installation and transactional writing. Knowledge of the members of the congregation and their employment backgrounds has made involving suitable individuals in projects much easier.

Contact: Cass Crest


The Outreach Committee is a very active group that supports a number of projects and initiatives to care for those who are in need, both in our local community and beyond. Learn more…

Outreach Committee contact: Don Reitsma


Contact our Event and Rentals Coordinator Shea McLean for inquiries:


The Columbarium Committee consists of the Churchwardens, the Dean, the Columbarium Administrator David Worrall, and Cass Crest, Duncan Campbell, and Gil Strauss.


St. Michael’s catering group offers hospitality services for the church community, catering the early Easter morning breakfast, the annual Thankful Dinner, and other special events, including funeral and other receptions. Monies generated via catering services are primarily used to cover food and supplies, with any excess funds contributing to the financial well-being of St Michael’s.

Contact: Louise