Weddings & Marriage

Congratulations on your engagement, and for considering a wedding ceremony in the Church to begin your married life together!

As you anticipate this significant event in your life, the clergy and staff of the Cathedral will welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss and help you prepare to be married in accordance with the rites of the church.

The Basics

As a Christian wedding ceremony, at least one of the partners must be baptised, and the wedding ceremony will be officiated by one of our clergy using the Anglican wedding liturgy. The Cathedral embraces equal marriage, and the couple will meet with the priest a few times in preparation for the wedding and for married life together. These sessions will explore the meaning and practice of marriage through a Christian lens, the wedding liturgy itself, and culminate in the wedding rehearsal. The couple will also be strongly encouraged to enrol in a third-party marriage preparation course in advance of the wedding.

Our Music Director will assist in choosing music for the wedding ceremony, and the Cathedral Office will receive your BC marriage license and prepare the printed order of service and other necessary paperwork.

Renewal of Vows

For those who have long been married, a delightful opportunity that the Cathedral enjoys sharing is a renewal of wedding vows at a significant anniversary: 5, 10, 25 or 50 years. A renewal of vows can take place in the church or at home and the Cathedral clergy can provide resources for planning the service and celebration.

For further information, please see our information sheet for the basics and speak with the Dean on any given Sunday or contact the church office.