Works of Worship


Altar GuildThe Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for Sunday and mid-week services, as well as for weddings, funerals and any special services.

Members on duty meet on Saturday mornings to dust the sanctuary, polish silver and brass, wash vessels, to arrange flowers and change the linens and candles when necessary. They also change the coloured hangings for church seasons, weddings, funerals and Saints days. The Guild is responsible for decoration at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Contact:  Carolyn Wray, President


Flower MinistryFlower arrangements in front of the altar are given by parishioners in memory of loved ones or to commemorate special occasions.

After the Sunday services these flowers are often delivered to members of our congregation who are ill or are shut-in or to residents of care facilities or Hospice House.

Donors are asked if they would like some of the flowers or if they wish to deliver them to a special place.

CRUCIFER (or cross bearer)

The person appointed to carry the church’s processional cross, a cross that is mounted on a long staff, during processions at the beginning and end of the service.


Eucharistic Assistants assist clergy by distributing the wine during communion.


Greeters welcome people as they enter the church for services.


Licensed Lay Ministers are persons who are authorized by the bishop to provide liturgical assistance to the clergy on a regular basis.

Responsibilities include leading certain services of worship (or parts of the service), leading prayers, and carrying out pastoral and teaching functions.

Vivien Warr
Nancy Branch
Kate Bradshaw
Sylvia Rufli
Marg Domaschuk


Prayer Leaders lead the Prayers of the People.


Readers read the appointed readings for the day.


Servers have various duties that include lighting and extinguishing the candles, receiving the offering and gifts; and assisting the celebrant in preparing the altar for the Eucharist and in doing the ablutions.

Sides Person
Sides Person


Sides People have a number of duties that include distributing the service bulletins to the congregation as they arrive at church, act as ushers when necessary, and take up the offering.


St Michael's Catering GroupSt. Michael’s catering group is a group that comes together to provide the hospitality services for the church community. They cater for funeral receptions, early Easter morning breakfast, and the annual Thankful Dinner and other special events.

Monies generated by this group are primarily used to pay for food and supplies. Excess funds raised are contributed to the financial well-being of St Michaels.

Contact: Louise Griffin


Although the Guild of St. Monnica disbanded in 2021, this group of dedicated women has left a legacy of beautiful seasonal hangings, altar dressings, and seat cushions for benches made from old kneelers, which adorn our worship space. They have also made countless purificators for serving communion, baptismal banners and liturgical vestments that are still in use.